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Utilizing some personalized strategies can give you the edge in optimizing your health and preventing future disease.

No two people with the same disease present the same way and thus each individual should be treated uniquely. Prevention is the most powerful medicine there is. By doing specific lab testing, knowing which supplements to take and what lifestyle modifications to make, a treatment plan can be created just for you. I am happy to offer programs to help you elevate your health to a new level.

ketogenic diet and wellness program for women

I am happy to announce that I have partnered up with an internationally acclaimed nutrition educator, Leanne Vogel to offer you an amazing new tool in your journey towards health.

We are now offering an online membership program to help people achieve their health and wellness goals utilizing a ketogenic diet plan.

Ketogenic diet principles utilize the body’s wisdom to change the body’s fuel source from sugar to ketones. By changing from burning glucose to burning ketones inflammation is reduced, weight is dropped, brain fog is often resolved and energy is restored.

A ketogenic diet limits carbohydrates and sugars while focusing on healthy fats, vegetables and protein.

You may think this is a fad but this diet has been around for more then 100 years. Even prestigious medical journals are admitting that not only do high fat diets NOT cause heart disease, heart attack and stroke, it seems they actually PREVENT them!

Find out more about my Happy Keto Body program below

Prevention and treatment of poor memory and Alzheimer’s disease through ReCODE

Dr. Lewis-Larsson is now a ReCODE certified practitioner, led by Dr. Dale Bredesen. This training has provided her with invaluable knowledge to help those suffering with memory problems, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfortunately, 99% of drug trials have failed to find an effective treatment for this omnipotent disease leaving individuals and families suffering. Dr. Bredesen’s protocol has proven to be effective in reversing cognitive decline in hundreds of individuals thus far, finally giving hope to a previously hopeless situation.

Initial consult consists of a full intake and history, physical exam, extensive laboratory evaluation, nutrition evaluation and complete assessment of factors known to influence onset and progression of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Treatment plans typically include:

  • Nutritional changes
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Sleep assessment and treatment if necessary
  • Use of supplements and vitamins
  • IV infusions of brain supportive factors
  • Work up for chronic inflammatory causes such as mold exposure, viral, fungal and bacterial infections if necessary

It was very sad to learn of the closure of Pure North, particularly during this chaotic and uncertain time in our life. Despite this, I want you to know that I will be continuing to offer you health support.

Virtually all services previously offered by Pure North will be available through Elevated Health. Elevate Health will provide great care and positive results all while keeping costs similar to Pure North.

Elevate Health will be located in South West Calgary in either Marda Loop or Britannia. Until clinics can reopen, all appointments will be via telemedicine. When we resume in person appointments, there will be free parking at the new location.

You can also book a phone or telemedicine consultation with me via my online booking system