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About Naturopathic Medicine

Everybody has miracle stories…but I see them every day.

My patients are generally the ones who treatment fails for, they have been to every doctor in the book and are unfortunately still not well.

It is an honor to be part of their health journey and I can honestly say that with the help of naturopathic medicine they will often get better.

Naturopathic medicine shines at chronic illness. Our goal is to find to root cause of the problem and not just suppress symptoms.

Naturopathic doctors generally spend one to one and a half hours on the first visit and thirty to forty-five minutes on follow up. We use this time to address a person in their entirety: call it mind, body and spirit, or whole-body medicine, but we treat you, not your disease.

Naturopathic Medical Education

  • Attend four years of undergraduate studies followed by four years of nationally accredited medical school.
  • Take national licensing exams after two and four years.
  • Classes in the first two years are similar for all trained physicians, consisting of the basics like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and others.
  • Training in the last two years consists of more specialized clinical education including integrated and alternative medical treatments.
  • Naturopathic diagnosis is very similar to allopathic doctors (MD’s and DO’s), using physical examination, blood tests, stool tests, EKG’s, and referring to specialists for special diagnostic tests, to name a few, but treatment is where we often greatly differ.
  • We are taught all the same principles as any other family physician: how to prescribe pharmaceuticals, deliver babies, perform minor surgery, and refer out for specialty treatment when appropriate.
  • We have great success utilizing less invasive and less harmful treatments such as nutrition and lifestyle coaching, natural supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, manual body manipulations, IV therapy and hydrotherapy.
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Health Practitioner

Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson has a passion for supporting people going through chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and auto-immune disease. Utilizing treatment supports such as nutrition including ketogenic diet changes, botanical medicine, supplements and IV therapies, she strives to support all aspect of an individual’s health.

For her complete bio, have a look at her staff page.