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So often we do all the right things, but our weight just does not seem to budge. Other times we are struggling to know which diet or nutrition regime to follow given the diversity of opinion out there. At our clinic we take a comprehensive assessment to dive into all the potentials that can contribute to stalled weight loss.

While diet and exercise are prime targets for success, many things can hinder weight loss included toxins, leptin resistance, lack of sleep, high stress, slowed metabolism, thyroid imbalance, and others.

We want you to achieve your weight loss goals and optimize your entire health profile.

At Elevated Health we feel confident supporting individuals dealing with:

We offer private testing to help determine the cause of your symptoms, which may include:

Our approach to treating individuals desiring weight loss would likely include:

An incredible success story of a 75 pound weight loss

On Jane’s first appointment she admitted to being wary of naturopathic medicine and unsure if she was capable of committing to the changes necessary to get her health back. She worked in a busy downtown office, often long hours and high stress. Food was her outlet.

We spent a lot of time talking about what was reasonable and doable for her. She had about 125 pounds to lose and had signs of high blood pressure and prediabetes due to the weight. We devised a plan to start slow, meet weekly, and increase the intensity of commitment every couple of weeks.

We started with a test to determine if Jane had any food sensitivities that could hinder her progress. Her food allergy panel came back reactive to one food. After removing the reactive food not only did she notice her energy got better, but her stomach was no longer “upset.”

The change was not easy, but even with the little changes at the start Jane saw the number on the scale begin to drop. As she increased her level of commitment, the pounds really started falling off and she quickly became surprised at how sugar began to taste “too sweet” and vegetables really made her feel good.

We continued to meet weekly supporting energy fluctuations and emotional struggles (sugar is, after all, very addicting), with specific weekly dietary advice and meal plans for additional support. As the weight fell off exercise became not only manageable but enjoyable. Her joints no longer ached when she exercised and she began to look forward to her new outlet: the gym.

-Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson

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