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Elevated Health & Wellness

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Elevated Health & Wellness

“Health is not merely avoiding disease, it is abundance of energy, a joyful mind, and a strong and vibrant body so that you can do all that you are passionate about in life!”


Simply put, we want you to live optimally.

You deserve to feel happy, be sexy and
live vibrantly into your 90’s and beyond!

Here you’ll find the answers you have been looking for to balance your hormones, heal your gut, lose that stubborn weight and get energized!

You can prevent and heal disease naturally, and we are here to tell you how!

Our Clinic

We deliver results by building a comprehensive medical team around you. Our personalized assessments and state of the art clinic allows us to deliver you an individualized treatment plans utilizing all aspects of medicine and wellness care.


Welcome to our truly integrated medical clinic. We offer general family medicine, naturopathic medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, IV therapy, nutrition support and so much more so that you can prevent disease and achieve health.

Online Store

Supplements are available via my affiliates, plus in depth information via my eBooks.

Health Advice

We hope to provide some valuable information on various health topics, from weight loss, cancer and dementia, to insomnia and female hormonal health.

Dr. Nina’s partnership with internationally acclaimed nutrition educator, Leanne Vogel.

A detailed assessment and treatment plan for those in cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

A place for Pure North S’Energy Foundation patients to continue to order supplements and test their vitamin D

Our Clinic Location

See our Contact Page for all the details