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“Health is not merely avoiding disease, it is abundance of energy, a joyful mind, and a strong and vibrant body so that you can do all that you are passionate about in life!”


At Elevated Health, one of Calgary’s leading Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Clinics, your health and wellbeing are our passion.

Located on 17th avenue SW in Calgary, our functional medicine clinic and integrative health team is here to address your preventive health goals.

Do you need a second opinion or want more options beyond drugs and surgery? We offer an integrative approach to disease prevention and treatment for patients looking for more.

Whether you use the term alternative medicine, functional medicine or natural medicine, our highly trained team are here to help you feel your best.

Our Services

Getting you better and keeping you that way. Our integrative health team are leaders in cutting-edge assessment and support for Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, hormone optimization, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, fertility support and thyroid imbalance, auto-immune disease, cancer support, weight loss and digestive concerns. We specialize in the following services to empower you to achieve effective long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Programs

Some of the memberships and programs we offer in our Calgary clinic.

Experts in healthy weight loss programs. 

Dr. Nina’s partnership with internationally acclaimed nutrition educator, Leanne Vogel.

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s protocol for cognitive health.

A detailed assessment and treatment plan for those in cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

Whether you are a previous Pure North S’Energy Foundation member or just looking for a good base program including blood work and supplements, we have you covered!

The Team

Dr Nina Lewis-Larsson

Founder & CEO of Elevated health

Dr Dawn May BSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Kathy Tissington, NP:MN


Meghan Clarke

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Health Topics

Below are some of the health topics our practitioners cover here at Elevated Health.

Client support, testing, treatment, plus related health articles can be found under each page.

Stressed office worker

Sleep & Stress

Stress and sleep deprivation can lead to any number of health problems, from obesity to high blood pressure. We work with patients dealing with insomnia to improve sleep quality and work towards reduced stress levels for overall health and wellbeing.

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GI Health

Gastrointestinal health has a profound impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Most digestive disorders are preventable and treatable with diet. Learn how naturopathic tools can determine the cause of your symptoms and help you achieve digestive balance.

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Womens Hormonal Health

Hormones influence women’s lives in many ways with challenges ranging from infertility to menopause to hormone dependent cancers. Our team Our functional medicine team offers integrative treatment strategies to help all women balance their hormones and optimize their body.

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Dementia, Alzheimers & Poor Memory

Aging is a slow process, not a degenerative decline and it is not normal to have poor memory just because you are aging. Research indicates that many factors leading to the development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive impairment are preventable. Our team utilized the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen to develop a program to help you achieve improved cognitive health.

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Thyroid & Adrenal Health

Hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue are fairly common conditions leading to symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, constipation, brain fog/memory concerns, dry skin, hair loss and low libido among others. Naturopathic medicine offers alternative treatments to optimize thyroid and adrenal health.

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Cancer Man


Dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and navigating treatments can be an overwhelming and scary experience. We are here to support you in your journey through treatment and will try to help improve quality and quantity of life. We also provide support for those looking to do what they can to prevent cancer or boost immune health after cancer recovery.

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Weight Loss

While diet and exercise are the focus of most weight loss programs, there are many other factors that can hinder progress such as toxins, leptin resistance, lack of sleep, high stress, slowed metabolism, thyroid imbalance, and others. Our functional medicine team takes an integrative approach to develop your specialized weight loss program.

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Health Guides

Your guides to health written by Dr Nina are conveniently available as ebooks with instant download.

Our Clinic Location

Located in the SE corner of 9th street and 17th avenue SW, our clinic is easily accessible. 

See our Contact Page for extra details, including clinic hours, parking and how to get in touch.